About Coggies

Eating A Coggies Molasses CookieI’ve always loved to bake. When I was a child I would revel in baking cookies and cakes. My career has taken me from music education instruction and eventually to the corporate world, and finally back to my first love – baking.

When I moved to Minnesota, I thought it would be fun, and a slice of Americana, to enter the State Fair. I began with needlework and then moved to baking. I looked forward to reviewing the judges’ comments and never ever considered that I’d win a ribbon. Then, it happened….I was reading the comments on my submission as a ribbon fell from the envelope. I was shocked! It was 5th place, but it was my first State Fair ribbon. This success drove me to continue to enter cookies in the State Fair. The sugar cookies won my first blue ribbon and subsequently the molasses cookies won ribbons. Once Coggies State Fair Award Winning Cookiesthat happened, I thought there must be a way I can get these cookies to the consumer. Initially, I baked the cookies and sold them in gift boxes. Soon I realized I needed to do something that would prevent breakage during shipping. Mixes became my answer.

In my search for an appropriate company name I once again returned to my childhood. As a child my nickname was “Cogs” and it followed me to adulthood. During the initial testing phases of my cookie endeavor friends kept asking me to bring “Coggies” to various gatherings. Thus my company name was born.

Mixing Coggies CookiesNow you can make these prize-winning cookies in a fraction of the time. You’ll hold in your hands not just a convenient mix containing the key ingredients for making delicious, prize-winning cookies in your home, but the result of years of careful recipe tweaking, warm kitchens, and happy memories. I hope you enjoy producing them as much as I have had in developing them.

So, from my kitchen to yours, enjoy your Coggies, cookie after cookie, smile after smile.

~ Catherine, Owner of Coggies Cookies