Our Cookies

Photos of Coggies Sugar Cookies and Molasses CookiesPeople everywhere are raving about Coggies Cookie Mix! 

Sure, it makes just about the best tasting cookies you’ll ever enjoy — made from scratch or otherwise — and preparation is quick and easy.  But, our customers also appreciate the fact that Coggies Cookies are made with natural ingredients.

Most store bought cookies contain Trans Fats, Hydrogenated Oils, Preservatives and High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Coggies Cookie Mix contains none of the above — just good old fashioned ingredients you might find in your grandmother’s kitchen.

Coggies’ incomparable recipes are the result of years and years of experimentation and tweaking — the finished product being approved by friends and family, and eventually state fair judges.

Now you can experience the natural goodness of Coggies Cookies.

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