Coggies Cookies TestimonialsWe’d like to extend a sincere thanks to the many satisfied customers who have taken the time to share their Coggies Cookies experiences with us.  It’s heart warming to know that our cookies are creating smiles and memories for so many people in so many places.  We always look forward to your emails and letters.

"Wow!  Coggies cookies are perfect!  They are so delicious and so easy to make.  My three young kids and I love them. I have also given them as gifts."
— Ann B., California
"I made Coggies with my kids after we received a box for Christmas, and it was a lot of fun.  My kids were able to mix everything easily, and they loved the delicious cookies afterwards!"
— Catherine T., California
"I am so happy I found Coggies cookie mixes.  They are not only delicious but so easy to make.  I am always sure to keep a couple of the mixes on hand."
— Ann B., California
"We loved the Coggies!   They were so easy to make and had a wonderful taste.   They made my home smell delicious and my kids gobbled them up."
— Felicia T., California
"My family loves Coggies cookies.   They only require ingredients I usually have on hand and my kids love making them in the mixer....so easy!  And so delicious!"
— Ann B., California
"Coggies are delicious and taste just like my grandma used to make!"
— J.H, Minneapolis, Mn
"I keep Coggies on hand for last minute visitors. They are simple and fast to make, and a crowd pleaser every time!"
— J.H., Minneapolis, Mn
"I buy them for those friends for whom I need the 'just right' gift."
— S.G., Arizona
"Excellent cookies with a great homemade taste. They are easy to make and even easier to eat!"
— T.B., Atlanta, GA
"Quick and easy to make...super delicious...plus they freeze beautifully!"
— S.G., Arizona
"Coggie's cookie mix is easy to use and make the most wonderful cookies. I especially like the number of cookies one gets. I can share with friends and yet keep enough to satisfy myself."
— S.S., St. Paul, Mn
"Coggie molasses cookies were the best we've ever had. Easy to make and a real premium cookie. Also, loved the colorful packaging — a gift to be given already wrapped!!"
— C.S., New Mexico